Unlocking the Django Job Market: Strategies for Developers and Employers

Jon Gould 16:45 stage 🎤

🐘️ @jong0uld@fosstodon.org
🐦 @JonG0uld

Looking at the journey of searching for a Django job from initial thoughts through to the first day. The first half of the talk is aimed at Django Developers moving between jobs but will include tips for first time Django job seekers too.

In part 2, I will switch to discuss the topic from the viewpoint of “How to hire a django developer” covering writing a job spec, interviewing/testing and positioning an offer to maximise your chances of making a great hire.

About Jon

I am Jon Gould and work as a specialist recruiter. I have helped Python and Django developers with their careers since 2008, becoming the go-to recruiter in the community. Supporting the open source industry fuels my passion for recruitment and is my motivation for starting foxleytalent. We organise many meetups including django.social and attend/sponsor DjangoConEU and DjangoConUS too.

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